Lil' Ninjas

Our Lil’ Ninjas program is perfect for children ages 5 to 6. In this program, they can have a blast while learning basic movements and concepts of martial arts. Children learn ways to practice self-discipline, focus, teamwork, and how to respect themselves and others.

Karate Kids

Kisner’s American Karate, LLC is a great place for kids! It is amazing how fast we see improvements in self-confidence, flexibility, coordination and respect for others. We teach effective physical self-defense along with situational awareness. We help kids earn their goals. Our family/team atmosphere makes learning martial arts fun.


If you are interested in Kempo, Shotokan, Judo, MMA or any other martial art, come visit Kisner’s American Karate, LLC. When we are asked about our style, we often find ourselves saying “we do that…but call it something different”. We ARE different and adults love our classes just as much as the kids, and find the karate classes to be very rewarding and energized.

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