We are the Kisners!

Jim Kisner: Head Instructor

Chrissy Kisner: Head Instructor

Elizabeth Kisner: Weapons Instructor

Jakob Kisner: Instructor

Emily Kisner: Instructor

Kaylee Kisner: Instructor

Keziah Kisner: Student Instructor


About Kisner’s American Karate

Kisner’s American Karate, LLC, is Brunswick, Ohio’s American Free Style martial arts school. It utilizes the most effective techniques from traditional martial arts and incorporates them into realistic self-defense based karate. The curriculum is built around situational awareness, self-defense, self control, personal development, and leadership training. Kisner’s American Karate also recognizes how important it is to have FUN and learn karate at the same time! Students and their family are encouraged to train together.


Why Kisner’s American Karate?

When asked “What makes Kisner’s different from the other schools?” The best response is…“They teach Karate that works, not necessarily what is tradition”. They let school teachers teach school work and respectfully let the parents be the parents. Teaching self-defense and protection is their job. The Chief instructors, a husband and wife team, have five children & have been training in American Freestyle together for over 30 years. They maintain consistency in technique and method of teaching. They strive for quality in their instruction. Their students train hard to earn their goals and become well rounded martial artists. Kisner’s offers both private lessons and personalized karate instruction in a group setting. We welcome adults and children, with or without previous martial arts experience!